About Used Forklift HQ

UsedForkliftHQ.com was created to help customers quickly find great prices on top of the line used forklifts. The team at Used Forklift HQ has more than 30 years combined in the forklift and material handling industry. We created UsedForkliftHQ.com because we saw how difficult it was for customers to find dependable, well maintained used forklifts for a decent price. We've heard countless stories of customers spending thousands of dollars on used forklifts that ended up breaking down often. We set out to change this, and Used Forklift HQ was created.

Used Forklift HQ's Goals

Used Forklift HQ is all about making it easy for customers to quickly and easily find the most reliable used forklifts at the best price. We aim to help our customers:

  • Save Time - Customers can find all types of used forklifts throughout the United States right here on our site. They no longer have to spend days or weeks searching through tons of craigslist ads or check out a bunch of dealer websites.
  • Avoid Getting Ripped Off - By working with the top local dealers throughout the Nation, you avoid the many hassles that come with purchasing a pre-owned forklift.
  • Save Money - We help customers save thousands of dollars on used forklifts by connecting them with the top local dealers that are known for providing customers with the best prices around.

Get a quote on a top of the line used forklift today by filling out the quick contact form or giving us a call.